Building Artificial Brush Piles to Attract Fish

Artificial Brush Piles

 Artificial brush piles can be a very useful tool for many fisherman. Brush piles attract fish and can help with fisherman’s success. Many species of game fish use brush piles for ambush points. They also provide shade and cover for small fry trying to survive.




Placement of brush piles or artificial brush piles can be very crucial for attracting fish. I have found that placing brush piles on sloping points can be very effective. Another good area is a place close to shallow water but is also accessible to deep water, such as a swing in a creek channel.


Types of Brush Piles:


I have found a few brush piles that are very good and easy to make. Here are a couple I have found:


Porcupine fish attractor

artificial brush piles porcupine fish attractor



Stakebed structure

 stakebed structure - building artificial brush piles




Artificial brush piles can be very effective and can be easily constructed with a little imagination. Make some up of your own and give them a try in your favorite fishing hole!!