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Thread: New Mexico Big Game Management Unit Maps

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    New Mexico Big Game Management Unit Maps

    Printable Unit Maps

    Pretty handy printable map if you've gotten drawn to hunt in New Mexico or if you're looking to apply for a specific game unit in New Mexico.

    We got drawn for the second year in a row for GMU 49. It's probably not the best location, definitely not the most glorified GMU in New Mexico, but we really like the layout, and considering all factors, we figure that is our best chance to not only get drawn, but to bag a decent Elk. 49 is one of the smaller Units in New Mexico, but it's still plenty big and only 8 out of state non guided tags are given out. So for us to draw 3 of them this year after drawing 2 last year, I think we probably had the right idea.

    Of course, we didn't kill an Elk last year, but that was due to hunter incompetence and I'll take full responsibility for that one! This year will be different.

    We got drawn for the first week there. The first week in GMU 49 is actually the second week of Rifled Elk Season, but for some reason they are a week behind there. I'm not sure why that is.
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    Hey Coop that is awesome that ya'll drew in there again. Good luck this year!

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