The week of Nov 8 - 16, my son Chris and I spent 6 long days (10 hour fishing days) on Lake Baccarac on the west coast of Mexico. Lake Baccarac is noted for it's 10 pound plus largemouth bass. We didn't get a 10 pounder, but we came close.....

Not bad for your 1st Mexican Bass....7 1/2 pounds.

9 1/2 pound bass.

My largest.... a 7 1/2 pound bass

Shot of Chris with another 9 1/2 pound Mexico Bass.

Our largest... 9 3/4 pound Mexican Bass

And that boys and girls is a picture of every fish we caught. ( I had 13 pictures, but you can only post 5 pictures)

The "small" 2 to 5 pound fish were no where to be found. Where the week before, everyone was catching 50 fish a day with several of those in the 9 to 11 pound range.... the week we were there only the big ones were around. And not that many of them.
I spoke to two guys at the airport who had fished Lake Huites that week and averaged 50 to 60 bass a day... but their largest was only 7 pounds.
Most of their fish ran 2 to 5 pounds. Lake Huites is noted for large numbers of fish, but smaller. Lake Baccarac is the place to go for that 10 pound bass
You would make 1000 casts a day and be lucky to catch one or two fish.
But you have to admit, that one fish you did catch was a good one.
Even though the fishing was very slow and we didn't catch nearly as many fish as we expected..... Chris is already planning his next trip to Lake Baccarac. Seems he's been bitten by that "10 pound bass bug". LOL