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Thread: Trout Fishing below Hoover Dam? Willow beach? Soft baits?

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    Trout Fishing below Hoover Dam? Willow beach? Soft baits?

    Are there any trout (of any manageable size) below the dam? We fished Lee’s Ferry & had a blast. And I was curious if there was a chance that there were trout to catch from Willow beach on up. I know the strippers went over the dam in ‘87 (?) & ate a lot of trout I wonder if they ate them all! Has anyone tried for big brown trout with one of those soft giant rainbow trout (stripper) lures? They look so real I cleaned one by mistake & put it in the smoker. It turned out pretty good!

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    There must be a few trout there. Just about the only trout I saw were being eaten by large stripers as soon as they left the hatchery boat. LOL

    Where I was fishing it didn't look anything like Lees Ferry. More like a lake... Much deeper, wider and slower... and not the beautiful canyons until you get way up close to the dam.

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    And that's when you throw the 10" rainbow trout swimbait and hold on for those huge stripers.
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