Air Temp: 59/65F early morning & late evening. Siesta Time 79/87F Water Temp: 70/74 Average number of bass per boat per day: 60 - 80.

At our premiere Lodge we’re proud to offer special couples packages for folks who want to share the experience of visiting our lodge with their spouse or significant other. We know many wives are hesitant at first to visit a fishing camp with their husbands, but almost invariably, when they have an opportunity to experience first-hand our great accommodations, food and service, they fall in love with it and come back many times. Most of them find they enjoy the great fishing action as well, even if they’re not experienced anglers.

We recently were visited by three couples who came to Anglers Inn together: Norman and Dana Fowler, Norman’s parents Paul and Norma, and the Fowler’s cousin Jody Barrios and her husband Dennis. Norman and Dana wrote back to tell us they all enjoyed a fabulous vacation. None of the women were seasoned anglers like their husbands, but they were catching fish like pros as soon as the fishing began. The very first morning, we were catching a lot of 5- and 6-pounders,” said Dana.

“We were using mostly Money Minnows, Senkos, swimbaits and lizards. I liked fishing with the Money Minnow best because you were pretty likely to get a nice fish with it, but I used a variety of lures like watermelon lizards on Carolina rigs. Norma used the 8-inch watermelon lizard but liked the swimbait the best. Jody stayed mostly with a wacky-rigged Senko, which she used to catch her big 7.4 bass on. According to Norman, this was one of his best trips as far as the average size of the bass went. During each session, morning and evening, I had at least one fish of 7 pounds or better,” he said.

“In the mornings, the pattern seemed to be finding underwater humps and fishing for the large fish as they moved up. During afternoons, we fished deep water leading up to flats and usually caught three to four quality fish. We could have fished differen“When we would go in for lunch at 11o’clock, another fabulous meal was waiting,” Dana said. “And because the boats did not go out again until 2 o’clock, we had time to choose from a facial, pedicure, manicure or a massage, or we could just take a siesta.

Talk about being spoiled! We took advantage of everything. The massages were wonderful!” patterns and baits and caught a lot more fish, but I was after size and not too worried about numbers.

Everyone in the group caught quality fish. Norman caught the biggest at 9 pounds, 4 ounces, while Norma and Dennis tied, each catching 8-pounders using swimbaits. Paul followed close behind with a 7.9 on a watermelon lizard. Dana caught a 7.5 on a Carolina rig, and Jody followed real close with a 7.4. Those are good bass anywhere you fish.