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Are you an avid outdoorsman or hunter? Do you often find yourself talking about, thinking about, and even dreaming about hunting? Well if you’ve answered yes to any of the previous questions and you are interested in finding like-minded individuals in which to share your experiences, there’s a great a new online forum that you should check out – and it’s called

Here you can meet up with other hunters and share tips or locations in your area, or even discuss wild game hunting with somebody in another country. It doesn’t matter if you are preparing for your first trek into the great outdoors or even if you are a seasoned hunter – you can always learn some valuable new techniques, read genuine user reviews of field-tested hunting equipment and even share your own stories with people who are interested in what you have to say and actually want to hear it. And some may even provide their own feedback about their similar situations, or what they might have done if they were in your shoes.

On the forums at you can brag about that nice trophy buck you just landed, or you can entertain the masses with a tale of the one that got away. You can tell the story of how you were lost in the forest for a week without any food or water, or about the time you found buried treasure in the woods; no matter how insignificant (or extravagant) your find might have been. Who knows – maybe you even had an encounter with Bigfoot on one of your hunting excursions!

You can think of our forums like an online hunting lodge. We are open and available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. There are no membership dues, no initiation and no rites of passage; we are simply a group of outdoorsmen who love hunting and fishing, and love talking about it as well. So come on in and join us, curl up in front of your computer with a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the many stories of the great outdoors that can be found right here at