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David Smith Hunting - Hunting Guide and Fishing Guide Reviews
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David Smith Hunting
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Description: Lodging is in southwest Louisiana off interstate 10 near Jennings Louisiana. From the hunting lodge, enjoy the sights & sounds as literally thousands of geese forage for food in nearby agricultural fields.
On a Combination Duck & Goose hunt, Louisiana law allows for the harvest of 22 geese and 6 ducks per hunter.
Geese harvested may include: blue, snow, ross, Canadian and white-fronted (specklebelly). Ducks harvested may include: pintail, mallard, teal, gadwall, widgeon, wood duck & shovelers. During the hunt observe the outstanding performance of retrieving ducks & geese by a professionally trained retriever.

In addition to the regular goose season, consider the exciting, Special “Conservation Order” Season.
The Conservation Order Season is a desperate attempt by the Wildlife & Fisheries to greatly reduce the population explosion in the huge numbers of blue, snow & ross geese. During this special season we are not allowed to harvest ducks, Canadian or white-fronted (specklebelly) geese.
HOWEVER this exciting, incredible Special Season has three outstanding opportunities:
The FIRST is the removal of plugs from shotguns allowing hunters to shoot approximately five or more shells in a moment with out reloading.
SECOND, there are no daily bag limits! Hunters may harvest as many snow, blue & ross geese as possible in a single hunt.
THIRD is the highly effective use of prerecorded goose sounds.

Realize exciting, fantastic goose hunting also occurs outside the Special “Conservation Order” Season when ducks, Canadian & white-fronted (specklebelly) geese are also harvested during the same hunt with blue, snow & ross geese.

To maximize shooting opportunities, 300+ of the finest full body goose & duck decoys are used!
Each decoy has incredible feather detail and moves with the slightest wind.
When possible, pit blinds & portable above ground blinds are used. Blind locations can accommodate 7 - 10 hunters. Occasionally hunters sit or kneel along thick grass areas to hunt. Lying flat on ones back to hunt & shoot is NOT my style of hunting. Goose hunting is my Specialty! It is my PASSION!

Discover the true spirit of duck & goose hunting in South Louisiana is not in slaughtering large numbers of game.
It is in an outdoor adventure of harvesting a renewable resource while building relationships with family and friends.


Call: 1 - 337 - 546 - 6492
Cell: 1 - 337 - 305 - 1956

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