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Moss Springs Packing - Hunting Guide and Fishing Guide Reviews
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Moss Springs Packing
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Description: The Wallowa Mountains of Northeast Oregon have long been known for their exceptional deer and elk hunting. Falling almost entirely within the Eagle Cap Wilderness, these mountains have been home to many record book animals. Wilderness means no roads and less hunter pressure and therefore better hunting.

Those hunters in the know regard the Eagle Cap Wilderness area of northeast Oregon as a "sleeper" area without the recognition it deserves. The new Oregon state record archery bull was taken in these mountains in 2004 along with half a dozen others that were nearly as big.

Moss Springs Packing
P. O. Box 568
Union, OR 97883
Tel : (541) 562-1181 / (541) 910-2112
email: info@mosssprings.com
web : www.mosssprings.com
Keywords: Elk Deer Bear bird hunt Cove OR

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Pros: OK packers
Cons: Don't seem to know where the animals live.

This an account of our pack during the bow hunt September 2008 bu one of my sons.

Four of us had a local packer take us into one of its archery elk and deer drop camp sites in the Eagle Cap Wilderness mid September of this year. We were all experienced elk hunters. The packer informed us there was also a lot of deer in the area, as well as elk. He told us the camping spot had a good artesian spring for water. We rode eight miles from Moss Springs to Jim White Ridge. The packer and two wranglers did an excellent job getting us to his spot. That turned out to be the highlight of the trip. We were disappointed to discover that the artesian spring was nothing more that a seep puddle with a straw thin outflow (this after the packer took several minutes looking for it) . The camp was located inside the edge of a four year old forest fire (lot of new blowdowns). All hunting would be down hill since we were located on top of a ridge.

We got camp set up, and the next day would be our first day of elk hunting. We ventured out 2-3 miles south of camp (the direction suggested by the packer). At the end of that day we compared notes with each other and all came to the same conclusion. There were no animals within miles of our camp. There were no rubs, no game trails, only year old white droppings, no bugling, and no beds. The next day a local resident hunter with two horses came through our camp area to look for sign in our area. He came back through our camp near the end of the day; his horses lathered, and said he was going somewhere else because there was no sign of any game.

At this point we realized we were put in an area that we had zero chance of harvesting an animal. For me personally, I was always concerned that a packer has no incentive for putting a drop camp in a good area (he'll use those for his guides). I was hoping it would at least be a fair area. I figured in our case the packer either had not been in that camp in years, or just did not care where he put us. And we were to be there for nine days.

At the end of the second day we hoped we could salvage part of our hunting season if we could end our pack trip early, so we contacted the packer by satellite phone. The best he could do was get us out on the seventh day. We did hunt miles from camp those remaining five days in all directions, and still no sign that any animals ever spent time in that area. We never even saw a doe deer. Ironically there was more elk sign at the packer's corral near the trailhead that there was anywhere near the drop camp.

The packer had other people take us out. He was presumably busy.

Our high emotional anticipation became a nosedive into an expensive disappointment. And our greatest frustration was watching our hunting time evaporate while being stuck in a deadzone drop camp. OUCH.
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