Whitetail Deer Kill in slow motion

This clip features a Slow Motion Deer Kill sequence where you actually see the bullet enter the frame and impact the deer. Buck McNeely takes the shot while his Son Rex spots. Visit www.outdoorsmanint.com for your FREE E membership to outdoorsman International ... Buck McNeely Whitetail Deer Hunting … [Read more...]

MW2: Winke’s Most Wanted, Giant Velvet Bucks, Bowhunting, Deer Hunting

New Online-Only hunting show on Realtree.com. This is the debut show, Aug 25, 2008. Weekly hard-core whitetail hunting adventure from the Midwest with host Bill Winke. New shows posted each week - semi-live action. Check my channel for future show trailers or go to Realtree.com. … [Read more...]