MW27: Gun Season Action, Deer Hunting

The gun season is here and Midwestern hunters are trading their bows for guns as they get back into the woods. In this show a dandy buck falls to a TC muzzleloader. Midwest Whitetail is a semi-live online-only deer hunting show hosted by Bill Winke. For more shows go to … [Read more...]

Deer hunting with a primitive bow!

Take a step back in time to experience a piece of our prehistoric past. Join me in a self-filmed and self-edited from-the-ground hunt using a stone-age bow in the pursuit of whitetail deer. Can a hunter using the weapon of our ancestors get close enough to a wary deer and bring home meat for his … [Read more...]

Walleye Fishing – Walleye Fishing by Trolling The other day we went walleye fishing, as soon as we came back we hurried to get this walleye fishing video out to you. We're excited to show you exactly how we were walleye fishing, what we were using, where we were fishing, how deep, and many other great walleye fishing … [Read more...]