Deer Hunting — Bow Hunt 9pt

Deer Bow Hunt - HUNTINGFOOTAGE.COM The 2.5 minute video is the conclusion of a 2 week chase for a specific 9pt on 4000 acres in the south Texas brush. I spotted him on 10-27, but couldn't get a shot. I sat in my blind overlooking an oat patch more days than I can count trying to get another shot at … [Read more...]

Big Buck Diaries Episode 2 by Mark Banta

big buck diaries pic

As so often happens in small rural areas where hunting is prevalent, a legend had been spawned in the small town of Hefnerville, OH.  It all started in the fall of 83’ when a local by the name of Max Bigwell nearly crashed his ¾ ton diesel west of town.  He’d been out checking on a cow that was … [Read more...]