Bow Hunting Whitetails: The Triple Beam Buck

Deer hunting action from the ground! Join Dave Skinner from Lost River Game Calls and camera man Seth Mannion as they bow hunt a monster whitetail in Southern Ohio. This buck is a true mature whitetail, a result of quality deer manangement. Stick around for this hunt as Dave grunts this rutting … [Read more...]

White Tail Deer (How Not To Hunt !)

Deer hunting in August? (Insanity is hard to hide!) Guns involved in this crime are a 16" Bushmaster .223 and my Glock 27. ... Deer hunting buck 10-pointer venison tracking game warden AR-15 Glock 27 firearms decoy slob .40 caliber guns shooting Tennessee Bushmaster .223 Buckmasters hunt … [Read more...]

Deer Hunting – Illinois Buck

Deer Hunting in Illinois. This was my first trip to use a buck decoy, and there is no doubt that because of the "Boss Buck" decoy ( I took this deer. Another great shot with VForce arrow and the Firenock! Check out "Nonstop Hunting" TV Show in the fall on The Sportsman … [Read more...]


Bowhunting deer may be my favorite obsession among the Realtree and Mossy Oak forests. This is a deer hunt from early November in Ohio fall of 2007. The idea was to set up between two bedding areas and see if I could catch a deer at last light coming to check does in the cut beanfields. As luck … [Read more...]

Elk Hunting with a Montana decoy

Follow Professional Hunter Remi Warren and his client as they hunt elk in Northern New Mexico. Watch as Remi employs the use of his Montana Decoys to pull a weary bull over a fence and right into their laps. You can easily see the effectiveness of the elk decoys as another bull falls victim to the … [Read more...]