Deer hunting tips – oak trees We had a good crop of acorns, but the wild hogs have already eaten them all. Scouting the area before season, and knowing where the oak trees are is very important. Oak trees are also an important food source for wild hogs. The hogs will come in and clean out all the acorns … [Read more...]

Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

Photo by Tom Curtis /

Spring Turkey hunting is the holy grail of up close and personal encounters with a wild creature. Few other hunting opportunities afford the up close, in your face action of spring turkey hunting. Having a strutting, gobbling tom just a few feet away in all his glory is enough to keep hunters coming … [Read more...]

Hunting Forums at Hunt and Fish Finders

The Hunting Forums At Are you an avid outdoorsman or hunter? Do you often find yourself talking about, thinking about, and even dreaming about hunting? Well if you’ve answered yes to any of the previous questions and you are interested in finding like-minded individuals in … [Read more...]

Fishing Report – April 24 (Jackson County Pilot)

Recently some nice crappies have been caught on Fox Lake in deep water with minnows, according to Bill's Bait in Jackson. Otherwise local fishing has been slow. Record gill-net catch in Spirit Lake The fishing prospects for walleyes at Spirit Lake in 2013 should be excellent after a record catch … [Read more...]