Truck Tent Review

air up truck bed mattress

The good people at Sportz by Napier sent me a truck tent to use in the field and review for my readers.  Being a fan of anything free, especially anything for the outdoors, I happily complied however I let them know that if I was going to write a review of their truck tent, it would be a completely … [Read more...]

White Tail Deer (How Not To Hunt !)

Deer hunting in August? (Insanity is hard to hide!) Guns involved in this crime are a 16" Bushmaster .223 and my Glock 27. ... Deer hunting buck 10-pointer venison tracking game warden AR-15 Glock 27 firearms decoy slob .40 caliber guns shooting Tennessee Bushmaster .223 Buckmasters hunt … [Read more...]

Deer Hunting — S TX Brushcountry Scouting 2005

This video was taken during the season of 05-06 on a family ranch in S TX. I only had management buck privileges in 05, so I had to film and scout and could only watch these bucks. The 8pt I shoot in this clip was 9+yrs old. Some of them were fully mature this year, but were hard to find. None of … [Read more...]