Austin’s First Buffalo County Whitetail Hunting Harvest

My boys first deer hunting harvest ever. Taken during Wisconsin's Youth Deer Hunt on October 11, 2009. Rutting Ridge Outfitters is a Buffalo County Hunting Club that only takes 10 hunters a year so that your hunts are the best they can be. Rutting Ridge Outfiiters can be found under these... … [Read more...]

Southern Illinois Bowhunting – Deer Hunting Harvest

On the first day of the 2008 Campbell Outdoor Challenge Archery Championship, Justin and Mike decided to hang a new stand set near a cut corn field. Despite the record high temperatures in the high 70's Justin was able to harvest a mature doe and put Team on the board and on track to … [Read more...]

Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunting Big Buck Night Whitetails Grande is our specialty. We offer some of the greatest Whitetail Deer hunting that this great province of Saskatchewan has, and is known for. There are all types of opportunities to Video Tape, Photograph or Harvest Whitetails Grande. Our Whitetail Deer have … [Read more...]