racoon attacks.m2ts

Kevin's last day out deer hunting for the year. He finds a nice spot on the ground over looking a flat. He starts video taping some turkeys out in a field when he hears a noise getting closer. It isn't the noise he wanted to hear... You should get a laugh out of this one. See if you can hear it … [Read more...]

Deer Hunting Video – Legendary Whitetails Monster Buck John Breen

Deergear.com presents a Legendary Whitetails DVD clip. In this clip you get to hear the story behind the John Breen Buck. It scores 202 TYPICAL.This Legendary Whitetail is a Monster Buck. This video shows what a hunter can only dream of. Imagine hunting in the woods and seeing a buck this... … [Read more...]


Jerry Cheadle was elk hunting with family and friends in September 1995 out of Ritter, Eastern Oregon. His hunting group had five cow elk tags to fill, and when an unwanted bull elk showed up on the scene -- well, you'll want to hear for yourself what happened! (You can read Jerry's Christian … [Read more...]

Deer Hunting – Thunderstruck

Deer Hunting Video from HUNTINGFOOTAGE.COM I filmed these clips over about 3yrs of hunting and guiding friends on a large S TX ranch. All of the bucks in the video were mature and as natural as they come. The does were killed for population control and meat. All meat was used. This video shows … [Read more...]

Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

Photo by Tom Curtis / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Spring Turkey hunting is the holy grail of up close and personal encounters with a wild creature. Few other hunting opportunities afford the up close, in your face action of spring turkey hunting. Having a strutting, gobbling tom just a few feet away in all his glory is enough to keep hunters coming … [Read more...]