Best Fish Finder with GPS

I spent probably 3 months researching fish finders with GPS navigation before I finally purchased mine and I am positive that I found one of the best fish finders on the market. Before I tell you about the fish finder that I bought, here is what I was looking for in a fish finder: I wanted … [Read more...]

Heaven gates are opened for victims of sadistic heartless hunters

Deer Hunting season is here and millions of deer are dying a horrible terrifying death in the name of "sports". Heaven's gates is opened for them and Hell has a spot for hunters when they drop dead from hunting accident, heart attack and mad deer diseases A righteous man cares for … [Read more...]

Korpiklaani – Hunting Song

. We run after meat as the possessed, and we kill without pity. We rejoice and we laugh when the deer falls, hunting's more than killing for the food. [Chorus] Away they will not get, those four legged, not even the smallest one. We live in the forest here only fast ones live, only strongest will … [Read more...]