Truck Tent Review

air up truck bed mattress

The good people at Sportz by Napier sent me a truck tent to use in the field and review for my readers.  Being a fan of anything free, especially anything for the outdoors, I happily complied however I let them know that if I was going to write a review of their truck tent, it would be a completely … [Read more...]

Legalized Terrorism in America (to Animals and Humans) is Hunting

Arsonists burned churches while deer hunting Hunters are law abiding? Del. law lets felons get hunting licenses Felons still getting hunting tags Dog Shot with an Arrow … [Read more...]

Big Buck Diaries Episode 2 by Mark Banta

big buck diaries pic

As so often happens in small rural areas where hunting is prevalent, a legend had been spawned in the small town of Hefnerville, OH.  It all started in the fall of 83’ when a local by the name of Max Bigwell nearly crashed his ¾ ton diesel west of town.  He’d been out checking on a cow that was … [Read more...]

Madison County lawmakers to vote on resolution concerning hunting … – The Post-Standard –

Madison County lawmakers to vote on resolution concerning hunting ...The Post-Standard -, NYThe previous law allowed shotguns, pistols and muzzle-loaded guns during the regular late autumn deer-hunting season, but not rifles. Rifles were allowed for coyotes and other small game in … [Read more...]