Truck Tent Review

air up truck bed mattress

The good people at Sportz by Napier sent me a truck tent to use in the field and review for my readers.  Being a fan of anything free, especially anything for the outdoors, I happily complied however I let them know that if I was going to write a review of their truck tent, it would be a completely … [Read more...]

FAIL TOY Redneck Hunting Deer Pickup Truck FUNNY Toy Red Neck OMG

to post a new Comedy Product Review at least one every day. Please Subscribe today.Hunters Hunting Hunting Blinds Deer Doe Buck Hunting Season Hunting Accident Dumbass Owned Shotgun Shot Gun Good Old Boys Truck Jeep Pickup Truck Rifle Deer Hunting Duck Hunting Pheasant Hunting Bear Hunting Fishing … [Read more...]

Big Buck Diaries: Episode 1 by Mark Banta

big buck diaries pic

Benjamin Steele came from a long line of loggers.  He’d graduated high school in the spring of 1972 and went straight into the family business.  In the 6 years he’d worked for Big Sky Logging Co., he’d done everything from a desk job to driving a logging truck.  Driving the big logging trucks ended … [Read more...]