Running back up Gods River. August 19th 2009

After 10 hours of non stop brookie and walleye fishing we still had 35 miles to go to get back to Gods Lake Lodge. We had dinner on board and hungy guests waiting for dinner. Running the river is absolutely thrilling. It is very shallow and strewn with big rocks everywhere. The guides are amazing, … [Read more...]

Tips for turkey hunting

If you are a new turkey hunter, you might have figured out that it ain't easy! Turkeys can be hard to hunt. The turkey has a surprising intelligence level and sharp eyesight. It can take a lot of experience and frustration before a hunter is confident enough to creep up on a turkey. But you can … [Read more...]

Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

Tips For Hiking With Your Dog You know what happens when you say those words! To borrow from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky (or in this instance, Jabberwalkies) Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! How about a really, really long walk? Even better. A hike, perhaps? A trek out into the wilds? … [Read more...]