Truck Tent Review

air up truck bed mattress

The good people at Sportz by Napier sent me a truck tent to use in the field and review for my readers.  Being a fan of anything free, especially anything for the outdoors, I happily complied however I let them know that if I was going to write a review of their truck tent, it would be a completely … [Read more...]


This is a hunt in south central ohio. Big woods set with an isolated point, off a long ridgeline with major mast on the backside of ridge. Deer were bedding in clearcut in bottom in front, and coming up to cross main ridge to white oaks (lots of them, like a mile long stretch of south facing slope, … [Read more...]

how to catch catfish & walleye by trolling planer bobbers aka side planers & planer boards

the best gift you could give or receive -they are just to cool- the money you'll save on glow sticks and batteries will pay for this easy - and the glow can be recharged time and time again for years and years - walleye trolling and walleye fishing walleye and crappie bass stripers trout this thing … [Read more...]