Whitetail Deer Kill in slow motion

This clip features a Slow Motion Deer Kill sequence where you actually see the bullet enter the frame and impact the deer. Buck McNeely takes the shot while his Son Rex spots. Visit www.outdoorsmanint.com for your FREE E membership to outdoorsman International ... Buck McNeely Whitetail Deer Hunting … [Read more...]

Bass Fishing Dramatic moments

This video show some slow motion footage captured on bass fishing tournament in Mexico. We were so close to miss those bass. Nice footage that I film in Jan 12 and 13 in 2008 in Guerreo Lake, Mexico on our States Tournament. For full video please visit basschannel.tv and look for Interestatal Video. … [Read more...]

Tips for turkey hunting

If you are a new turkey hunter, you might have figured out that it ain't easy! Turkeys can be hard to hunt. The turkey has a surprising intelligence level and sharp eyesight. It can take a lot of experience and frustration before a hunter is confident enough to creep up on a turkey. But you can … [Read more...]

I Have a Dream

from the Hunting with Hank series by Mark Banta   It was early fall and Hank and I were fifteen years old.  We had spent that Saturday morning pursuing whitetails with our bow and arrows without success.  We had seen a small buck at a distance, but Hank had scared it off when he tried to do a … [Read more...]

Fishing Report – April 24 (Jackson County Pilot)

Recently some nice crappies have been caught on Fox Lake in deep water with minnows, according to Bill's Bait in Jackson. Otherwise local fishing has been slow. Record gill-net catch in Spirit Lake The fishing prospects for walleyes at Spirit Lake in 2013 should be excellent after a record catch … [Read more...]