Bow Hunting Whitetails: The Triple Beam Buck

Deer hunting action from the ground! Join Dave Skinner from Lost River Game Calls and camera man Seth Mannion as they bow hunt a monster whitetail in Southern Ohio. This buck is a true mature whitetail, a result of quality deer manangement. Stick around for this hunt as Dave grunts this rutting … [Read more...]

Southern Illinois Bowhunting – Deer Hunting Harvest

On the first day of the 2008 Campbell Outdoor Challenge Archery Championship, Justin and Mike decided to hang a new stand set near a cut corn field. Despite the record high temperatures in the high 70's Justin was able to harvest a mature doe and put Team on the board and on track to … [Read more...]

HD 2009 early muzzleloader, bowhunting, Iowa monster whitetail deer hunting, big buck down

This is a comprehensive video of our Early muzzleloader season 2009. This is a group of hunters "Hunting club Bosna" who live in Des Moines, Iowa. Since we don't have our own farm land, we hunt public lands. I, Max, do most of the tech work, ie. videos, scouting and strategy for this fine group of … [Read more...]