Redneck Deer Hunting Video – Got Away

Eight point buck ducks arrow at 15 yards with a crossbow! If you look closely the deer was hit, we found blood on the arrow and it was stuck in the ground sideways. It must have barely caught the skin but as you can see in the video after the deer was shot, it is hard to tell that it was hit at all. … [Read more...]

How to Choose The Best Hunting Dog

If you’ve ever watched old television shows like The Beverly Hillbillies or The Andy Griffith Show, you’ve probably seen stereotypical old hounds portrayed as the companion hunting dogs. In reality, there are many dog breeds that are suitable companions for hunters and different dogs specialize in … [Read more...]

Big Buck Diaries: Episode 1 by Mark Banta

big buck diaries pic

Benjamin Steele came from a long line of loggers.  He’d graduated high school in the spring of 1972 and went straight into the family business.  In the 6 years he’d worked for Big Sky Logging Co., he’d done everything from a desk job to driving a logging truck.  Driving the big logging trucks ended … [Read more...]