Rifle Elk Hunting at The Timbers at Chama

Hunting New Mexicos huge Bull Elk during the rut is the most popular hunt at the Timbers at Chama. The bugle of a Bull Elk is one of the last truly wild sounds of the Rocky Mountains. Hearing a trophy Elk will give you chills, as you await that hunt of a lifetime. Our guided Elk hunts use guides who … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Pheasant Hunting Season Opened December 1st

With deer, quail, and several small game seasons in full swing across Oklahoma, sportsmen may wonder if it could get any better — it can. Dec. 1 brings with it yet another hunting opportunity — pheasant season. “From our surveys and reports from the field it looks like this pheasant season … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Turkey Decoys

8 Tips for Turkey Decoys I once hunted in Alabama with a guide who called my decoys "rubber chickens." After a gobbler made a bee-line across an open field toward the jake I'd mounted on top of a hen, he may not have changed his mind, but at least he was more open to the idea of using decoys while … [Read more...]