Deer Hunting Video – Legendary Whitetails Monster Buck John Breen presents a Legendary Whitetails DVD clip. In this clip you get to hear the story behind the John Breen Buck. It scores 202 TYPICAL.This Legendary Whitetail is a Monster Buck. This video shows what a hunter can only dream of. Imagine hunting in the woods and seeing a buck this... … [Read more...]

How to Hunt: Deer Hunting Tips : Navigating in Deep Woods for Deer Hunting

Learn how to navigate deep woods and maintain a sense of direction whilehunting from a hunting expert in this free deer hunting video. Expert: Hugo Izzo Bio: Hugo Izzo has a degree in Wildlife Resource Management and has hunted a variety of animals including deer, duck, quail, dove, and squirrel. … [Read more...]

Big Buck Diaries Episode 2 by Mark Banta

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As so often happens in small rural areas where hunting is prevalent, a legend had been spawned in the small town of Hefnerville, OH.  It all started in the fall of 83’ when a local by the name of Max Bigwell nearly crashed his ¾ ton diesel west of town.  He’d been out checking on a cow that was … [Read more...]

Big Buck Diaries: Episode 1 by Mark Banta

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Benjamin Steele came from a long line of loggers.  He’d graduated high school in the spring of 1972 and went straight into the family business.  In the 6 years he’d worked for Big Sky Logging Co., he’d done everything from a desk job to driving a logging truck.  Driving the big logging trucks ended … [Read more...]